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Ray Rivron  [tenor sax, clarinet & bass clarinet]
Ray hails from a jazz and military music family background. In addition to his musical versatilty, he acts as compere/sound technician. Favourite catch phrase - "We play the tunes we like and we hope you like the tunes we play"!

Christine Heath  [flute, alto & soprano sax]
Chris is a multi-instrumentalist whose style of playing has a wide variety of musical influences - ranging from classical to rock, pop, funk, African highlife, Chilean folk, Latin and blues.

Kevin Thomas  [piano, keyboards]
Kevin has made the transition to jazz from a classical piano and folk guitar/vocals background. He enjoys arranging for the band, and has recently learnt to use digital audio mixing/production for our Lockdown recordings.

Bass Player  
We are currently without a regular Bass player. Derek Howells has been an excellent and reliable recent stand in - perhaps more permanent in future, Derek ?

Phil Lane  [drums]
Phil is a jazz man through and through and has a veritable encyclopedic knowledge of jazz. Having spent his early years in the London jazz scene, he counts Gene Krupa as his main influence as well as "the idol" Buddy Rich and the big bands.

Sarah Brown

Guest Vocalist  
We have had the pleasure of inviting guest vocalists to feature with us where vocal numbers suit or are requested by the venue. Excellent guest singers in recent years have included Natasha Cook, Sarah Brown and Alex Heavyside.